This kit includes: - 2 x Adjustable lower control arms - 2 x Hub add-ons - 2 x Adjustable outer tie rods - 2 x Camber/Caster adjustable suspension top mounts - 2 x Adjustable lower control arm rear mounts - Full hardware including uniball rod ends, bolts, misalignment spacers. Parts that this kit replaces on your vehicle : - Lower control arms - Tie rods and tie rod ends - Suspension top mounts - LCA bushings Kit features: Very wide range of adjustability From 65 to 70 degrees of steering angle . The steering angle depends on the wheel/tire/spacers combination. Lower control arms design provides correct geometry which leads to a drastic tension reduction in the suspension components . Adjustable lock stops in both directions. Hub add-ons brings the front roll center up on lowered cars ( 34mm roll-center correction) Faster steering ratio. Less than 3 turns from lock- to lock at 65 degrees of steering angle. Corrected Ackermann geometry - Ackermann value is close to 0 , which helps gaining and maintaining speed throughout cornes Uniball rod ends and spherical bearings : - Thicker body for increased tensile - High radial load capability - Metal to metal support for heavy shock loads Recommended alignment parameters : Toe in/out - 0 Camber - up to -4 Caster - up to 5 Tip : Before you start with toe alignment , make sure you centered the steering rack Wider fenders/fender flares needed with this kit Tire diameter NOT bigger than 620mm FOR MOTORSPORT USE ONLY Available for BMW E30/E36/E46 Installation Manual: This product has 2-3 weeks lead time.

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