With superior kinematics behaviour in mind, we managed to get maximum drop from our knuckles which gives you the ability to have a well stanced drift car with outstanding performance qualities. The new lighter and cleaner design with more adjustment possibilities, is only an addition to the main so far incomparable advantage of our V2 rear knuckle - its compatibility with all aftermarket half shaft kits including these with 122mm CV joints like shown on the pictures attached. This was a must have feature because there is none oem half shaft that is ready for the abusement a pro drift car takes especially when equipped with sequential gearbox. Main benefits obtained using our kit : - Cambergain - Anti-squat ( adjustment available at top forward control arm) - Bumpsteer - Strength and stiffness - Easy and fast camber / toe adjustment Also : - Bolt-on hub/bearing for easy replacement (BMW e39/e60 type bearing which can be used with both e39 / e60 hubs depending on the central bore size of your wheel) - True coilover version available - Two brake calipers version available - Track width is defined by the original halfshaft lengths. Kit includes: - Drop knuckles with mounting hardware - Two hubs/bearings (optional) - All suspension control arms/links NOTE : - Minimum rim size 18” - Subframe bushings are not included in this kit - Adapters will be needed for M3 or bigger brakes setup For racе use only ! Note: This product has 2-3 weeks lead time.

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Set of spare rod ends/Spherical bearings?: *
NEW e39 FAG Bearings + Hubs: *