Having a good coilover setup will get you half way if you aim for maximum performance , minimizing body roll with lower ride height. With superior kinematics behaviour in mind, we managed to get maximum drop from our knuckles which gives you the ability to have a well stanced drift car with outstanding performance qualities. Main benefits obtained using our kit : - Cambergain - Anti-squat ( adjustment available at top forward control arm) - Bumpsteer - Strength and stiffness - Easy and fast camber / toe adjustment Also : - Bolt-on hub/bearing for easy replacement (BMW e39 type) - True coilover version available - Clearance for CV joints bigger than stock (knuckle CV pass diammeter 107mm) - Two brake calipers version available - Track width is defined by the original halfshaft lengths. Kit includes: - Drop knuckles with mounting hardware - Two hubs/bearings (optional) - All suspension control arms/links NOTE : - Minimum rim size 18” - Subframe bushings are not included in this kit - Adapters will be needed for M3 or bigger brakes setup For racе use only ! Note: This product has 2-3 weeks lead time.

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Set of spare rod ends/Spherical bearings?: *
NEW e39 FAG Bearings + Hubs: *